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Tina Thompson is an Executive Producer, Artistic Director, Choreographer, Writer, Performing Arts Educator and well respected fitness professional in New York City. She has won numerous arts council awards for choreography and fellowships in Dance. Her background includes full scholarships/ professional training and performance experience at all four institutions of Dance; Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Juilliard and alumni of the Long Island University where she also received an arts scholarship in Dance Leadership. She helps spread her knowledge by teaching dance workshops and fitness events throughout the Tri-State Area. Her Choreography has been set on music artists and dancers locally and internationally. She has been a leader in the Competitive Fitness world for over a decade. She has numerous titles in World/ National Fitness and physique competitions. She has been a MS.FITNESS USA ambassador for the United States. She has been the fitness coordinator for many private and commercial health facilities in NYC. Tina Thompson is currently working in arts education and producing pilots entitled UNDANCED & Beauty in The Spirit Podcast. For Tina Thompson, it’s about removing the barriers that have been blocks in your life in order to move forward. One of her favorites quotes are: “Pain is the reaction of the body, as long as you have the body, some pain is inevitable. Suffering is the contraction of the mind, and unlike pain, is optional. Don't add suffering to pain". Excellence is her bar so people setting obstacles for this woman of color is nothing new. #Takeanumber



Tina Thompson-Pope- CEO, Founder/ Executive Artistic Director


Founder/ Executive Artistic Director's Administration Team

Josef Woodson- Company - Associate Director SKIN

Lance Pope- Production/ Tour Manager/

Stage; Lighting Tech Operations

Charlotte Allen/ Hosting Manager-Media

Facilitation Management: ​Tina Thompson

Arts & Education Director: Tina Thompson/ Josef Woodson

Costume Design: Jessica Morales/ Tina Thompson



Tina Thompson  has served as a director of SKIN- The Tina Thompson Dance Company (established in 2003) for over a decade. The company is based in New York City and Thompson's works have graced the stage of Blumenthal Arts Center, Ailey Citi-Corp Theater, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Symphony Space , New York Institute for Dance Education, Aaron Davis Hall and Dance Parade Gala.

SKIN DANCE company is vehicle for artistic value and self expression through the language of movement arts.  Tina Thompson seeks to provide the opportunities, challenges, infrastructures for personal growth to its artists, students, community and future generations to come. Tina Thompson believes dance is a universal language by storytelling through movement. Her vision is to touch the audience members physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Having choreographed over 22 Modern-Ballet works/ Thompson's choreography touches matters of the emotions and the state of the world. 





Tina Thompson-Pope


Competition History

2002 Ms. Fitness legacy, 1st runner-up
2003 Ms. Fitness USA, 11th Place
2004 Ms. Fitness USA, 8th Place
2004 Ms. Fitness New Jersey, 3rd Place
2004 OCB Ms. Fitness Iron City, 3rd place
2004 OCB Iron City- women's figure classic, 4th Place
2004 Fitness America NY Regional, 4th place

2004 Ms. Fitness North Eastern Regional, 3rd place
2005 Ms. Fitness USA, 6th Place
2005 Ms. Fitness Virginia- Fitness Champion

2005 Ms. Fitness Legacy, 2nd place

2006 Ms. Fitness USA, 1st runner-up

2006 Ms. Fitness World, 3rd place

2006 IFF Fitness Woman World, Fitness Ambassador/ Romania  

2006 Sansha Ambassador

2007 Ms. Fitness USA, 4th place

2008 Ms. Fitness Legacy, 4th place

2008 NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix, Fitness Champion

2008 NPC Eastern Fitness, 4th place

2009 Ms. Fitness USA, 9th place

Fitness is life! So when you do your best; you breathe, you achieve, and you grow more passionate. 

Never leave YOU at home! Compete with yourself.


'When someone shows you who they aren't BELIEVE them' -

Tina Thompson

'When someone shows you who the are believe them'-

Maya Angelou

You may Forget what you got but remember where you got it-

Fred Astaire

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