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Dancing: An energizing, captivating experience.

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Master Class With Tina Thompson

February 11th, 2023 @2:30pm







The performing arts initiative programming and school is committed to serving a gifted student body. Students are taught to think critically and creatively. The curriculum emphasizes mastery of the arts and sciences. During the fourth through sixth grades teachers provide opportunities for students to explore topics in-depth. In addition to the material taught by homeroom teachers, children study areas known as "specials", which are taught by a specialist in the fields of foreign language, music, cultural arts, mathematics and others. SKIN is an independent Arts Initiative for Community Awareness and Empowerment for our Youth.

Good Morning,

My daughter Ilana attended her first class yesterday through the Hunter Elementary School program and loved every minute of it!   An email back would be ok too. We want to make sure she has everything she needs for class next week.  Although she was part of a dance program last year this is her first experience with ballet.  We just want to make sure she is prepared for next week and beyond. Your program creation was the best Hunter Elementary has had so far. 
Many thanks,




THE Musical Production


It's been said that every black artist wanted to work in Harlem in the 1920s. Josephine Baker was no exception. Born With Less Than Nothing, Baker Became the Most Famous
Woman in the World Born in St. Louis in 1906, Ms. Baker was 15 when the "roaring Twenties" began. But she had been an entertainer her whole life.

Josephine Baker was hot in the 1920s but when she traveled to Harlem to make her big break she was called "too ugly, too thin, too dark" by Sissle and Blake when she auditioned for their stage show, "Shuffle Along". Because of her persistence and talent, by 1921 she was the featured performer in that same show, with her "outlandish" dance performances.

You take the physical techniques of ballet and lay the expressive modern dance idioms on that muscular base. Mix in the influence of African-American culture and experience. Add some profound musical choices. THAT is SKIN-TTDC. I get it and am not going to miss that show. - MATTHEW LEPOLD


She has carved her own technique, 'Spirit Technique' paying homage to the ancestry of Dance, Uniqueness of  its kind!- Edward Villella

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 Ensemble members: Thai Jiminez & Paulina Librizzi, Cheryl Olivencia


'SKIN'-TTDC 6th Season is a Great success! 

Tina Thompson receives

Carmen De Lavallade


Curated/Written by Alfredo Gonzales

Recently, Tina Thompson was designated Guest Teaching Artist at the 2007 New York Dance Festival in Auburn, NY, by festival director Sean McLeod.  The festival included two weeks, July 9 to the 22nd, of classes and performance opportunities for participating students, and invited dance companies.  As teaching artist at the festival, Tina taught African, Ballet, and Modern dance, as well as a Repertory class for 20 selected students.  The Tina Thompson - SKIN was invited to perform, as part of the New York Dance Festival, at the International Stage Performance on July 19, 2007.

On Tuesday July 17th, Lance and Tina drove all the way up to Auburn (five to six hours!), with five TTDT dancers, Alfredo Gonzales, Sara Kapchinske, Jessica Morales, Katherine Evans, and Jamie Weigand.  Upon arrival, the TTDT company members were greeted by Sean McLeod, and members of Kaleidoscope, the New York Dance Festival’s resident company.

The TTDT company members arrived in Auburn at 9:30 p.m., and immediately began rehearsals to restage the final section of “Thru” for six dancers.  The hour was late, but under Tina’s direction, dancers realized the importance of a clean performance by six dancers, in choreography originally staged for twenty dancers!  So, rehearsal went on until midnight.  After fierce rehearsal, and exhausted from travel, the Company checked into hotel rooms and ate dinner together at 1:00 a.m.  So typical of life on the road!

The next day, Wednesday morning, dancers continued rehearsing the new staging of “Thru” for the 8:00 p.m. performance on the New York Dance Festival’s International Stage.  Company members were greeted and welcomed by many dance festival students who observed TTDT rehearsals.  The Company was also incredibly honored to meet and speak with Carmen De Lavalade, world famous actress and dancer; living legend of American dance, and world dance history.

Wednesday afternoon the Company traveled to Geneva, NY (25 miles from Auburn) to the historic, and recently restored Smith Opera House, the venue for the International Stage Performance.  Built in 1910, the rococo-style Smith Opera House featured red and gold carpeting, and gilded wall sculptures with molded friezes.  In addition to the TTDT, the performance program included ten other dance companies, including Kaleidoscope, The Rochester Ballet, and Philadelphia school of performing arts.  Altogether, the audience was treated to fifteen ballets presented on the program.  The stage was large, perfect for “Thru.”  The TTDT dancers received thunderous applause after their performance of 'Thru'.  



Our Mission


SKIN DANCE- TTDC is an international organization founded in New York by Tina Thompson dedicated to the creation, production and performance of artistic works. Our mission is to invoke the New pioneer artistry of emerging and mid-career artist through imagination, provoking the senses and to awaken the spiritual emotions of people around the world.


Our Goal


THE PERPLE PLANET - In the pursuit of its dreams and in its elite production etiquette, strives to position itself in the community as a responsible proponent of change and fearless integrity to the arts.



Our Values


To uphold the integrity of our creative process;

To recognize and respect each individuals contribution to our body of movement langauge;

To extend the limits of the possible;

To draw our inspiration from artistic and cultural diversities;To encourage and promote the potential everyone in the world deserves!


              SKIN-  The Tina Thompson Dance Co.




This nite was geared towards inspiration and loads of intensity from the start. The dancers were all excited and fed off the anticipation as well. Sharing their world of great dedication and artistry was what contributed to the evenings powerful display of talent and magnificence.

 Pictured above;  THRU /New York Premiere of - ROBE

The house was sold out and the audience was anxious to enter once again as they awaited what Tina Thompson's magic has to offer for another season. This year was a little different because of the buzz that was in the air... the Internationally acclaimed choreographer and master teacher Sean McLeod was her Guest!





Tina Thompson and Terry Townsend in WALL 3

  Company in WALL 3


 Performance evening of Contemporary Fitness Visions 2006

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June 6,2007

   Hello, beautiful and talented dancers!  You know just a few weeks ago, I brought the multi-award winning International Producer, Choreographer, Director and Motivational Speaker, Sean McLeod, home to New York, as our Special Guest Artist at Ailey, where he presented a retrospective of his more than 20 years of choreography. He worked with not only the Tina Thompson Dance Theater, but he worked with Tina Thompson the person.  While here, he reinforced the good work that we are doing at the Tina Thompson Dance Theater, and he loved his stay with us.  Sean McLeod was so impressed, he recently called to restate his invitation for the company, and any other dancers who would like, to join us at this summer's New York Dance Festival!

You know, I have been ready for a change for sometime now, a real change that allows me to be as free as the dances I create.  Our time with Sean McLeod has been profound, my time with Sean has moved us both, and I want to share my growth with all of you!  My company, and my students!    

I personally am going to the Festival, as Sean and the NYDF Committee selected me as a 2007 New York Dance Festival Artistic Fellow, having been selected to receive one of three Artistic Fellowships this year.  This opportunity could really change all of us.

As you know, Mr.
Sean McLeod recently worked with us for a few weeks in NY and really helped us to see possibilities.  You may have also heard, among his many endeavors, that he is the Executive Producer of the NYDF.  Mr. McLeod thought that many of you were very talented, and hoped very much that you would be able to make it this summer. 
What's more, the Tina Thompson Dance Theater has been invited to perform in the New York Dance Festival's prestigious International Stage, and Carmen DaLavallade Awards event July 18 at the famous Smith Opera House!



Some of the individuals you may have the opportunity to work with at the 2007 New York Dance Festival will be Carmen DeLavallade (Legendary Icon of Dance), Sean McLeod (International Producer and Choreographer, who is also a multi-award winning personality), Sarah Stackhouse (Legendary Dance personality of the Limon Dance Company and special guest dance faculty), Jim Donovan (Multi Platinum Recording Artist  & Original Member of Rusted Root), Jacob Mora (Artistic Director, Moraporvida Dance Company, Denver), Jaqueline Scafidi (critically acclaimed dance personality of the NY Metropolitan Opera, and Feld Ballet), Patricia N. Nanon (Founder of the Yard), Paul L. Johnson (NYU musical director & critically acclaimed Off-Broadway composer), Andrew Carter (Director, NYC Dance and Movement professional),  Alexander Cowings (NYC Professional Tap Sensation), Gregory Livingston (International Master Teacher and professional choreographer and dancer from Frankfurt, Germany), and Rick Van Horn (senior editor, Drum Magazine).


Tina Thompson sets WALL3 on Skin Dance Company @ Alvin Ailey studios in New York

Tina Thompson
SKIN-Tina Thompson Dance Company 



Professional concerts for the SKIN-Tina Thompson Dance Company happens once annually and have also shown at NYC venues such as the Tribeca Theatre and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre's Joan Weill Center for Dance. This year's professional dance concert took place at the inspiring Symphony Space, in their 30th anniversary year.

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On Friday, July 18th, at the NYIDE auditorium at 93 North Street, Auburn, NY, for the annual "Day in Dance" a wonderful two-part concert was presented that featured the participants of the New York Dance Festival's Dance Intensive in the first half, and works by the International Faculty, the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre and SKIN- The Tina Thompson Dance Company during the second half.

 American Choreographer Sean McLeod, African Drum Masters Etsé Nyadedzor and Nii-Armah Oblie from Accra, Ghana and New York City's Tina Thompson- SKIN.